The Wisdom of a Well-Designed Plan

Smart retirement plans hinge on making saving easy for employees — and making work easier for you. Putting a competitive plan in place can help provide financial security for your business and set you on the road to a happier, more focused and more productive workforce. Better yet, they're a way to attract – and keep – the talent your company's success depends on.

Our retirement consultants will take the time to understand your goals and develop a plan that's right for you — and help ensure that it's compliant with the most recent legislation.

We'll guide you through each stage of the implementation process, from plan design, provider selection, installation and capital accumulation plan (CAP) governance to communication strategies and employee financial wellness seminars. You'll receive ongoing support and service from consultants who stay on top of your needs and the latest changes to the industry.

Tax-Assisted Plans

  • Registered retirement savings plan (RRSP)
  • Deferred profit sharing plan (DPSP)
  • Defined contribution pension plan (DC-RPP)
  • Defined benefit pension plan (DB-RPP)
  • Tax-free savings account (TFSA)
  • Individual pension plan (IPP)
  • Simplified pension plan (SPP)
  • Retirement compensation agreement (RCA)

Non-Registered Plans:

  • Non-Registered savings plan (NRSP)
  • Employee profit sharing plan (EPSP)
  • Supplemental executive retirement plan (SERP)

U.S. Retirement Benefits Plans

  • Profit-sharing
  • Defined 403(b) plans
  • Small benefit plans
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Actuarial Services

Actuarial Services

The work to manage a defined benefit pension plan can be overwhelming, we assist you by minding all the details and making it easy for you. As part of our group retirement solutions, we deliver actuarial services to help you fulfill valuation of defined benefit pension plan requirements. We help take the worry out of retirement planning so you – and your employees – can focus on business.

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Defined Benefits Administration

Defined Benefits Administration

Helping your workforce secure their financial futures can be rough — but a successful, competitive pension plan isn't just about the numbers. We'll work right by your side to help you choose your programs and investments, ensure you stay compliant, and help you deliver a brighter tomorrow for everyone.

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Group Retirement Consulting

Group Retirement Consulting

Keeping your workforce healthy, wealthy and thriving into tomorrow and beyond is complicated. Our Group Retirement Consulting team are experts at building competitive pension and retirement plans for businesses and organizations just like yours and are always prepared with data, advice and our suite of services to keep your plan running perfectly.

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